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Azalia: A house for you, a playground for kids, a home for all!

Uncategorized . Jul 12, 15

The prospect of buying a new home is challenging enough by itself, and with a family and children in the mix, you’ve got a potpourri of things to consider. As family and kids’ needs take centre stage, it all comes down to finding a place where they can feel at home–a safe and happy environment to sleep, play, learn, grow and evolve no holds barred.

In a cosmopolitan city bustling with life, like Delhi, finding a family-friendly neighbourhood means you’ve got your work cut out. As a result, suburban homes in the more spaced out Delhi-NCR region are getting attention from young couples, parents and families. Suburban ecosystem offers great scope for family-friendly homes, and Gurugram’s Azalia by Supertech is a stellar example of that. The property that will be ready-to-move-in by 2018 calls out to get your plans in place in order to enjoy life in a whole new way.

Here’s a head start on what makes Azalia the perfect analogy to kids’ paradise:

Demographic Edge
Located in the Millennium City, Azalia encapsulates the very essence of free-spirited suburban lifestyle. Here, you get to experience life purged off the vexing din and humdrum of the city, and yet enjoy every little amenity you and your kids will ever need. Add to that elements of peace and friendly communities–and you’ve got yourself a wonderful place to call home.

Raising children carries a lot of responsibility– trips to medical centres, chemists, supermarkets, kids’ stores, etc. are all part of the game and accessibility is the key. Good schools are equally important. Azalia is located within close proximity to educational marvels like Pathways and Goenka–giving you easy access to world-class education for your little ones.

Azalia’s location facilitates easy commute for domestic helpers and nannies –people you will come to rely on heavily when you’ve got tiny tots running riot up and down the house!

Safety and Security
Safety is a major area with kids into the equation. With 360-degree surveillance and gated community, all those concerns get put to rest at Azalia, especially with the knowledge that your kids are just as safe outside as inside your home.

The Right Size
It’s important for parents or couples with a baby on the way to look at a prospective home through the lens of a child. Will it have enough space for kids to play? Will it meet your family expansion plans? Is the outdoor area enough? Azalia answers all these quandaries with spacious 2 and 3-BHK apartments that fit the ‘family’ bill just fine.

Lush Greens & Open Spaces
With Azalia, Supertech is paving the way for homes nestled in the lap of nature –a luxury lesser known in inner-city neighbourhoods. The lush greens and vibrant energy at Azalia paint a perfect picture of a family home with expansive natural spaces for kids to blossom.

Choosing a home for your family marks the beginning of a new life–so choose right and kick off the journey to a wonderful life ahead!

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